Greycraft is our new solar electric modular vessel concept, which enables fully autonomous and unmanned operation, allowing people to enjoy our waters responsibly with quiet assurance. 


April 17, 2020

Britain's first robot water taxis to be unveiled in Plymouth as US tech firm announces trial.

Knoxville Chamber

December 18, 2020

Buffalo Automation, a US based developer of AI-powered autonomous water transport, predictive navigation, and maritime safety systems, today announced a full scale demo of the world’s first autonomous water taxi concept in Knoxville on the Tennessee River.


January 07, 2021

Officials said that the Greycraft would be the world's first autonomous water taxi and that people would be able to order a ride on the water through an app.


January 07, 2021

The world’s first autonomous ferry, called the “Greycraft” can give people rides from Volunteer Landing on the north side to Suttree Landing on the south side of the Tennessee River.

Inside of Knoxville

January 8, 2021

Eventually, the group hopes to have multiple vessels available to go out onto the river un predetermined spots. It would be the world’s first automated water taxi and it would launch here.

Knoxville Sentinel

January 10, 2021

You may be able to commute to your next Tennessee football game by boat, whether or not you happen to own one. All you need is an app. 


March 02, 2021

The world's first driverless water taxi has been built in Tennessee. Sea robo-taxis are increasing urban mobility and reducing damage to the environment, while making it possible for the world's 99 percent experience the luxury of blissful water rides.