Pegasus is our advanced driver assistance system for smaller vessels that provides automated collision avoidance in addition to traditional marine GPS autopilot functionality, such as waypoint following. Pegasus is designed as an OEM solution for boating brands, workboat integrators, and marine display and engine manufacturers who want to provide their customers state-of-the-art navigation assistance and safety technology. 

  • Pegasus can detect impending collisions using just a low cost modular bow camera paired with our advanced image perception AI, allowing people to have peace of mind and focus on their boating experience.

  • Pegasus can monitor people engaged in wakeboarding or waterskiing using just a low cost modular stern camera paired with our advanced image perception AI, increasing safety and enhancing the experience.

  • Pegasus enables teleoperation and remote control from any device with a web browser from any onboard or onshore location with connectivity. This has several applications, including onboard manual control of the vessel via a mobile device to allow handling of mooring or other tasks away from the helm simultaneously. 

  • Pegasus provides lidar based automated docking for vessels equipped with bow and stern thrusters.

  • Pegasus provides GPS waypoint navigation paired with radar and camera based collision avoidance. 

  • Pegasus is offered with various sensor packages and computing options depending on the features needed, and is seamlessly integrated by our collaborative team on new vessel designs with minimum impact on contemplated vessel aesthetics, allowing for minimum footprint and cost while maximizing functionality. 


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